(1)  Transcript of Letter to Dr. Madden, Health Officer, Arichat:



                                                                        Provincial Secretary’s Office

                                                                        Halifax 6th October 1847




            Having by the Lieutenant Governors direction addressed our official letter to Wm.  Jean, as Custos Rotulorum by the last Mail, on the subject of the wrecked passengers of the Maria, requesting him to convene the Magistrates for the purpose of making arrangements and giving directions for the relief of those unfortunate persons, and for forwarding such of them to their destination, Quebec, as are sufficiently well to be removed – care being taken not to separate members of the same family – His Excellency, with reference to your letter of the 25th visit, decrees it unnecessary to give you, as Health Officer, any Instructions for your guidance beyond saying that it will be your duty to communicate freely with the Magistrates, and to act, according to their advice, except as regards the medical treatment of the sick for which you are officially responsible –


            His Excellency is happy to have occasion to express his approval of your proceedings in this matter, so far as they have been reported to him, - and desires me to transmit for your information an extract of a letter I have this day written to the Doctors Fixott –


            I have the honor to be

            Your most obedient

            Humble servant


                        R.D. George




                                                                          Extract of Provincial Secretary’s

  Letter to Chas. & Hy. Fixott Esqs.

  Of 6th October – referred to –


            “It is stated in your letter that the sick among these poor Emigrants whom it was deemed advisable to land on Jerseyman’s Island are under your professional care, and you request to be informed how far you are authorized to act.


            In reply I am desired by His Excellency to state that Dr. Madden, whose official duty it is to take charge of persons of this description while in Quarantine, being now sufficiently well to assume that duty, His Excellency presumes your continued attendance on them to be not absolutely necessary, and conceives that, with a view to the economical expenditure of the public funds, it should be dispensed with, unless your assistance should be particularly requested by the Health Officer, with the concurrence of the Magistrates in Sessions, who have been strictly enjoined to enforce the strictest economy in their outlays for the relief of the present sufferers – at the same time His Excellency desires me to assure you that, for the valuable services you have already rendered to them, His Excellency will have pleasure in recommending the House of Assembly to provide a suitable remuneration in the next Session –“


Source:  Dalhousie University Archives, Collection MS-13-75, donated by Mr. J.H.M. Young, 1959



(2) Transcript of letter to Andrew Madden, Esq., Arichat:



                                                                                      Provincial Secretary’s Office

                                                                                      May 1, 1849




            I have laid your Report of the Cholera cases onboard the Unicorn before the Lieutenant Governor by whom I am commanded to express his approval of the steps taken by the Arichat Board of Health, and of your appointment as Chairman of that Board in place of Mr. Hubert who has tendered his resignation.


            I have the honor to be




            Your Obedient Servant


            Joseph Howe


Source:  Dalhousie University Archives, Collection MS-13-75, donated by Mr. J.H.M. Young, 1959



(3)  Letter from Theobald Mathew, Cork, February 21, 1845


                                                        Cork February 21st 1845

Dearest Friends:


     Accept my grateful acknowledgement of your liberal subscription, to enable me to persevere in my exertions to promote the sacred cause of Total Abstinence.

     Fondly hoping to be able to accomplish this great and glorious work without pecuniary assistance, I steadily persisted in my refusal to accept of such aid, tho' offered in abundance. --

     Unexpected disappointments that no foresight, coul dhave guarded against, involved me in Debt.  --  I had by great sacrifices paid the Medal Manufacturers, and Printers, my only Creditors:  but I was unable to continue my labours. --

     My painful position became known to a generous Public, and the much prized letter from my beloved Brethren in Arichat, proves the success of this appeal.

     Should Divine Providence favour my wishes, I shall at no distant period, thank you all, in person -- until then, believe my written acknowledgement of your generosity and kind wishes. --

     Fervently praying that God may keep you All, I am

                              My Dear Friends

                              Yours gratefully and Devotedly

                                                        Theobald Mathew


Source:  MacDonell documents


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