Extract from a Diary, kept by the late Dr. A.A. Madden, Arichat, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia:


1856. June 8th.

The Revd Father Girroir, read a letter, from Montreal, from His Lordship, Dr. MacKinnon, informing him , that he would leave Montreal by Rail, with the Revd Neil McLeod, & four nuns, to establish a branch of their order, in Arichat.  His Lordship, directed the Revd Gentleman, to do his best, to have the house furnished to receive them.  His Reverence, read the letter to the congregation, & requested those, who, could afford it, to assist in furnishing the house, with such articles as they could spare.

June 10th.

Today the Revd H. Girroir received another letter, from his Lordship, from Boston, informing him, that he had arrived, there, with the ladies safe, the same night, and, that they were to embark on board the 'Brigh-Appoline", Capt. Dominick Girroir, on the 9th [?] for Arichat - (my son Daniel is mate on board).

June 15th.

The last three days, have been very foggy, to the great disappointment, of the Catholics here, as they hourly expected the arrival, of the "Brigh-Appoline", which was to bring from Boston, the Bishop, and Nuns.  On the evening of the 15th (Sunday) 6 o'clock p.m., in the midst of a thick fog, the vessel arrived at the entrance of the harbor.  Guns were fired from her, which was the first intimation, of her vicinity.  They were promptly answered, from the Bishop's residence, as Revd Mr. Girroir, had been indefatigable in his efforts, to give the Bishop, Priest, & nuns, a hearty welcome, Boats (it being calm) were put off immediately, and towed, the vessel to, Mr. Stubert's wharf.  In the meantime, 13 guns, as a salute, were fired for the Bishop, & many more, for great joy, at the safe arrival of His Lordship, & fellow travellers.

"The Clergymen accompanying his lordship were - The Revd - Fathers - Neil McLeod, Acquaroni, & McDonough - & 5 Ladies of the 'Congregation de Notre Dame' "

(originally copied by D. O'C. Madden, 29th July, 1901; D. O'C. Madden's note copied by Dr. J.E. MacDonell, from which this page is transcribed)


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