The main purpose of DrAndrewMadden.ca is to learn more about the life of Dr. Andrew Madden.  I will continue to update the site with information I have at the present time; I am also looking for new information, so please feel free to post or e-mail me if you have anything you would like to add.  Your comments and suggestions are also most welcome.


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Name: Carl B. Coates Email: cbcoates@ns.sympatico.ca
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Comment: I too am a descendant of Dr. Madden, my great-grandmother was Sarah Madden LeNoir, daughter of Dr. Madden and you and your father knew my grandmother Annette Fixott quite well, as she visited your family often. I am very interested in family and have done a little research on the Maddens, LeNoirs and the Fixotts and find it very interesting. I have a 1st cousin in Sydney, Catherine Marie Fixott Pezzarealllo, daughter of Gerald LeNoir Fixott. I've met you and your family many years ago in Monastery. If there is anything I can help you with, feel free to contact me.Greg Madded in Hamilton, now deceased did quite a bit on research on the Maddens. I have Canon Patrick Lannigan Madden's key wind watch and crucifix, plus I believe I have an early painting of him in his robes,if I can find it. Be well, Carl

Name: C,B,Coates Email: cbcoates@ns.sympatico.ca
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Comment: Reading thru your interesting page, I remembered that my grandmother Annette Fixott had also given some of Dr. Madden's University course cards. I may have a photo of Rev. Madden in sitcse of misc, items which my mother gave me.


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