Patrick Lanigan Canon Madden

1824 - 1898

Letter to Revd P.L. Madden: 

Office of the Clerk of the Peace

Halifax, N.S., 18th Dec 1871


Revd P.L. Madden



Dear Sir,


            I have much pleasure (by direction of the Sessions), in sending to you, the enclosed Extract from the Presentment of the Grand Jury, having reference to your valuable services during the Cholera at Chezzetcooke.


I am Sir

Your Obn Sv


Nepean Clarke



Transcript of Extract (looks like a newspaper article):




            The Grand Jury cordially unite in thankfulness for the timely arrest, under a Merciful Providence, of the Cholera, which broke out at Chezzetcook, and was introduced here no doubt by the steam ship “Franklyn;” the highly reprehensible conduct of the officers of that ship, in deceiving the Health officer, and keeping him in ignorance of the existence of the disease on board, cannot be too strongly denounced and censured.  The prompt and energetic action of the Local Government and the unceasing watchfulness and care of Mr. Justice McLaren, the Rev. Mr. Madden, and Doctors Jennings and Rigby, demand the gratitude and thanks of the county and Province, --it is hoped that all persons will be careful to remove filth and nuisance of every description, which might engender and spread contagious disease, and that such a system of cleanliness will be so generally pursued as to promote health, and ward off infection.  The Jury think the Sessions are clothed with authority to appoint Health Wardens, wherever they may be required.





There is a document in Latin, dated January 1847, which may be a record of Canon Madden's ordination to the Priesthood.  I am in the process of having this document translated, and will post the text here as soon as possible.


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