Dr. Madden received many public appointments during his lifetime, which are summarized below.  The original Letters of Appointment still exist, scans of which will be posted in the "Photos" page as soon as possible:

 Date of Appointment  Office  Notes
1853, Nov. 30 Prothonotary & Clerk of the Crown Supreme Court, Richmond County
1850, Jun. 1 Justice of the Peace (somewhat illegible) Richmond County
1838, Aug. 30 Deputy Prothonotary and Clerk of the Crown Richmond County
1832, Apr. 17 Health Officer Port of Arichat, Island of Cape Breton; charged with enforcing the "Act to Prevent the Spreading of Contagious Diseases", which was passed in the legislature to prevent cholera and other diseases from being introduced into Nova Scotia.
1827, Sep. 1 Surgeon, 1st Battalion of the 2nd Regiment of Cape Breton

 A man named Clement Hubert was Lieutenant Colonel Commandant of the Battalion

1821, Apr. 12 Deputy Prothonotary & Clerk of the Crown For all courts sitting in Arichat, for the County of Cape Breton
1820, Dec. 23 Member and President, Commission of Summary Trial of Actions Appointed with two others to deal with matters related to debt, Township of Arichat (document of appointment for all three commissioners, and naming Dr. Madden as President of Commission) *there are two Dec. 23 documents dealing with "commission" appointments; they will be compared and both will be posted as soon as possible
1820, Jul. 25 Clerk of Pleas  District of Arichat (acting, in the absence of the existing Clerk of Pleas)
1820, Jun. 29 Deputy Clerk of the Crown Western District, Island of Cape Breton
 1820, Apr. 6  Justice of the Peace  Island of Cape Breton

*table under construction and subject to edit

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